The LPA has engaged the services of Venable LLP to provide legislative and regulatory advocacy and value to the LPA and its member companies. Check back here frequently for more details and click the hotlinks below for full updates from Capitol Hill. If you would like to get involved with the Government Affairs Committee, please email Angie Errera.

LPA Government Affairs Update 4-3-17 - Key Nominations, Fiscal 2017/2018 Budget, House/Senate, and ACA/ACHA Updates

LPA News Release on NIH Funding

LPA Announces 2017 Capitol Hill Day

LPA Government Afffairs Update 12-13-16 - The Senate passed the 21st Century Cures Act by a vote of 94-5 last week. The bill had previously passed the House by a vote of 392 to 26.  A copy of the bill found here: The bill was signed by the President on December 13th.

The 21st Century Cures Bill

News Release on CURES Act 12-16

LPA Government Affairs Update 11-28-16 - Welcome to the 114th Lame Duck

LPA Government Affairs Update 9-12-16 -
Congress returned September 6th from a 7-week summer recess ready to work on several pieces of legislation.

LPA Bi-Weekly Bulletin v.8 -
Congress returned from the Fourth of July recess on July 5th to continue its work on several appropriation bills that would fund the government for FY2017. Of the twelve bills needed to be completed, Congress has yet to enact one into law.

LPA Bi-Weekly Bulletin v.7 -
We will continue to see a lot of activity with appropriations bills and Zika virus funding with lawmakers continued focus on passing large pieces of legislation, such as an energy bill and the Cures Act.

LPA Bi-Weekly Bulletin v.6 - Appropriations season is in full throttle and a few bills have begun to move in both chambers, with both the House of Representative and the Senate moving legislation to fund the FDA, medical product safety activities and emergency funding for the Zika virus (although each chamber is considering different bills and levels of funding).

LPA Bi-Weekly Bulletin v.5 - Congress has been holding hearings on the President’s FY2017 budget request and recently began marking up the some of the 12 appropriation bills. 

LPA Bi-Weekly Bulletin v.4 - Earlier this week the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee held its third and final markup of legislation intended to foster biomedical innovation and complement the House of Representative’s 21st Century Cures Act, which was passed last summer. The Committee considered five bills.

LPA Bi-Weekly Bulletin v.3 - The Obama Administration recently released its $4.1 trillion budget request for FY2017

LPA Bi-Weekly Bulletin v.2 - Senate HELP Committee Announces it will Vote on Separate Smaller Bills, Rather than a Companion to the House 21st Century Cures Act

LPA Bi-Weekly Bulletin v.1 - The first of many bi-weekly bulletins provided by Venable LLP, containing valuable insight into government affairs.

LPA White Paper on Exports of Laboratory Products to Cuba (July 2016)

LPA White Paper on Exports of Laboratory Products to Iran (July 2016)

2016 LPA Capitol Hill Day - Information on the LPA Hill Day can be found by clicking here.

LPA Government Affairs Update 1-6-­2016 - Update on the just released FDA draft guidance outlining some cases where medical devices may not need to contain a unique device identifier.

LPA Government Affairs Update 12-17-­2015 - Update on the omnibus spending bill and tax extenders package, which the House of Representatives just released. The House is likely to vote on the combined package Thursday and the Senate will vote either Friday or over the weekend.                       

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