The LPA's goal in this program has 3 major pillars:

  1.   Increase connectivity with women currently in LPA;
  2.   Drive engagement of women in general with LPA;
  3.   Better position LPA for future engaged women leaders.

LPA Women's Forum Sponsored EVENTS

LPA Annual Meeting
November 2021

Sponsored by the LPA Women's Forum. Congratulations to the winners pictured (left to right): Steve Tolmie of Quartzy and Debbie Segl of Scientific Industries, tied and both received a complimentary registration to the 2022 LPA Spring Meeting in Austin, Texas. Jerry O'Connor of Quartzy got 2nd place and Patti Mancino of Cytiva won 3rd place. They all received a complimentary LPA wine tumbler for their efforts! Fran Hutson of MilliporeSigma is the Chair of the LPA Women's Forum and is pictured with the winners.

Special thanks to Fran and Women's Forum Committee members for supporting this important initiative within the LPA! The activity was designed to encourage participation with both men and women by requiring a signature next to a random fact that applied to a female attendee. Finding signatures led to discussions of inclusive leadership within each members’ organizations, while providing fun in the learning more about individual members.

LPA Women's Forum - Who are the women of lpa today?
September 2021

Watch the full Zoom recording of this event here!
View the full slides, including mentimeter results here!

​​​​​LPA Women's Forum - The Journey of LPA Women Leaders
June 2021

Watch the full Zoom recording of the inaugural 2021 LPA Women's Forum Webinar and learn more about the journey of a few of the LPA Women Leaders.

LPA Women's Forum Committee
The committee helped to form the goals within the LPA, to increase connectivity with women currently in the LPA; drive engagement of women & men; and better position the industry with future engaged women leaders.

Fran Hutson, Chair
Millipore Sigma

Kelly Williams, Vice Chair
Thermo Fisher Scientific

Amy-Jo Yogmas
Boekel Scientific

Yvonne Cangelosi
Formerly SPEX CertiPrep

Debbie Segl
Scientific Industries

Stephanie Roth
DWK Life Sciences

Jill Jones
Thermo Fisher Scientific

Laura Perin
Labconco Corporation

Jen Smith





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