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The LPA through its partnership with Boxwood Online Career Centers presents exclusive content from Peter Weddle, one of the
leading experts in the fields of human resources and online recruitment.  In his syndicated articles, Peter offers insight to job seekers and recruiters on career management especially in these uncertain times. Just click the title below to open the .pdf file.

Job Seekers

The Career Activist Republic

The New Rules of the Game

The Application Two-Step

Correcting the Notion of a Self-Correcting Career

The End of Endings

What's Ahead in 2010

The American Dream

Career Victories

Career Security

Things We Wish We Had Known

The Job Market Version of Catch 22

The Vacuum in Our Careers

Building Up Your Employment Security

In Search of Personal Excellence

Micro Careers

The World of Work AGR

You Should be in Two Places at Once

How to Prevent a Wall Street Meltdown in Your Career

From Notworking to Networking Online

Become a Career Activist


For Recruiters

Restraint of Vision

The 18 Minute Expert Examination

The Superconducting Super Collider of Social Media

Goldieyes and the Golden Egg

Three Sensible Steps to Burnish Your Brand.pdf

Pluperfect Recruiting

Candidate Centric Recruiting

The Importance of the Ordinary Instant

A Recruiter's Badge of Honor

Up in the Air

A Recruiter's Bucket List

Avoiding Narcolepsy Online

A Set of Master Keys in Words

The New Metric: Return on Influence

What is a Candidate of Choice?


There is a Free Lunch

A TARP Strategy for Recruiters

The Really Big Impact of a Small Number of Sentient Specifics

The Scourge of Bureaucratic Correctness

The Best Recruiters Use All Their Brains

Why Recruit Passives

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