LPA Scientific Advisory Board

The Laboratory Products Association (LPA) will present academic institution laboratory leaders through its newly created Scientific Advisory Board. The primary purpose of the LPA Scientific Advisory Board is to seek the expertise of those in the lab to enhance the knowledge, understanding, and strategic thinking of laboratories for LPA members, as well as provide a live forum for LPA members to tap into for insight on trends in the lab, ask questions about the lab of the future, etc. 

The LPA held its inaugural Scientific Advisory Board session, Engaging the Lab of 2022 in a Post-COVID Environment on April 21 and it was a big success! Scripted and moderated by Scott Hanton, Editorial Director for Lab Manager.  Over 130 LPA members joined in to listen to lab leaders from Indiana State University, Madonna University, Duke University, University of Michigan, and University of Miami share their insights and perspectives on a range of questions.  These included: how open is your institution’s lab; in a post-pandemic world, will there be rigid appointment adherence for seeing vendors; as you look at how you purchase, how will pricing negotiation take place going forward; as a result of the pandemic, what changes in funding trends/patterns do you see for your institution’s lab going forward; and more.  The session was recorded and can be found in the members’ only resources of the LPA website.

The LPA Scientific Advisory Board's second session, Cannabis Labs Outlook, was held on October 6 and it had three active panelists, as well as comments from another, as well as moderator, Julia Bramante, Lead Scientist at the Cannabis Reference Laboratory, Colorado Department of Public Health. Panelists included Brittaney Dowd, Chief Chemist at Dragonfly Processing; Stephen Goldman, Chief Science Officer for Kaycha Labs; and Saman Razani, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of SZN Partners. The agenda and questions asked can be found here. The session was recorded and can be found in the members' only resources of the LPA website. 

Visit www.lpanet.org/handouts for full zoom recordings and we hope you can join us for upcoming Scientific Advisory Board zooms!





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