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AirClean Systems
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Company Profile: AirClean® Systems manufactures a complete range of products designed to protect laboratory personnel or process from toxic vapors, fumes, gases and particulate. Located in Creedmoor, NC, AirClean® Systems’ custom designed 150,000 square foot manufacturing facility offers full electronic and mechanical design capability, providing AirClean® Systems the flexibility necessary to keep pace with today’s ever-changing market. Independence™ Ductless Fume Hood, AirClean Systems most advance fume containment solution, incorporates over twenty-five years of technical innovation. Independence™ utilizes Silconazyne™, a chemically and thermally enhanced filtration technology featuring silica used in conjunction with high capacity activated carbon. Additional new features include realtime readout of exhaust and filter saturation in PPM, AirSafe™ TOUCH automatic safety controller, multi-level user access, energy saving benefits and more.

AirClean Systems
2179 East Lyon Station Road
Creedmoor, NC 27522
United States
Phone: (919) 255-3220
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