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Jeio Tech, Inc.
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The brand "Lab Companion" was carefully chosen to demonstrate our total commitment to scientists around the world. When it comes to heating, cooling and mixing, we understand how to manufacture equipment that meets industry and scientist standards. We offer exceptional options in Incubated Shakers, Incubators, Water Baths, Ovens, Blood Bank Refrigerators, Plasma Freezers, Chillers, Temperature and Humidity Chambers, etc. We are a major ISO 9001 certified South Korean manufacturer and international supplier of laboratory and industrial equipment. We are incorporated in the state of Massachusetts and headquartered in South Korea, with global offices and partners. Skilled OEM manufacturer.

Jeio Tech, Inc.
19 Alexander Road, Suite 7
Billerica, MA 01801
United States
Phone: (781) 376-0700
Fax: (781) 376-0704
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