Custom BioGenic Systems Inc.

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Founded in 1987, Custom BioGenic Systems manufactures and sells state of the art cryopreservation equipment and full inventory control systems. In the year 2000 Custom BioGenic Systems patented the first -196°C dry liquid nitrogen storage system. The CBS Isothermal Freezers are known worldwide for their ability to safely store a wide range of samples at liquid nitrogen temperatures without liquid nitrogen contact. Custom BioGenic Systems also manufactures a full line of freezer racks and inventory control systems for a wide range of mechanical and liquid nitrogen freezers. Custom Biogenic Systems is certified to the medical device quality management system ISO 13485.

Custom BioGenic Systems Inc.
74100 Van Dyke
Bruce Township, MI 48065
United States

Phone: (586) 331-2600
Fax: (586) 331-2588


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