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B Medical Systems S.à r.l.
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B Medical Systems is a renowned expert in blood safety and management: from collection to transfusion, transportation, processing and storage. Our reliable blood cold chain strictly observes international standards. We keep blood safe through temperature-controlled transportation, processing and storage solutions. Additionally, we offer an innovative wide range of solutions for Blood Bank, Laboratory, and Pharmacy. These include a new Contact Shock Freezer that delivers optimized performance with its innovative system – it enables faster and homogenous freezing that saves time and money – and an exclusive integrated Incubator and Platelet Agitator with autonomous motioned trays, each with own door, which ensures better stability and preservation of product quality.

B Medical Systems S.à r.l.
1470 Avondale Drive
Westfield, IN 46074
United States
Phone: 317-771-5810
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