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Memmert is pleased to announce its recent acquisition of all assets of Wisconsin Oven Distributors, LLC, master distributor for Memmert equipment here in the United States. For decades, Memmert has worked closely with Wisconsin Oven Distributors, hand in hand, with the mission to develop the brand recognition, becoming the leading light industrial and laboratory equipment provider for our U.S. customers. This combination creates an organization even better able to serve customers in broadening our business platform, thus delivering more value to our new and current customers. Memmert is comprised of a full line of light industrial and laboratory equipment including, ovens, vacuum ovens, incubators, climate chambers, stability chambers, C02 units and water bath units. Premium, quality equipment servicing multiple faced market segments, microbiology, food and beverage, aerospace, healthcare & clinics, educational, pharmaceutical, bio tech, life sciences, automotive just to name a few.

Memmert USA, LLC
W355 S9075 E. Godfrey Lane
Eagle, WI 53119
United States

Phone: (262) 594-3941
Fax: (262) 594-3939


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