What is the Optical Imaging Association?
It is a national trade association that is part of the Laboratory Products Association (LPA) which was founded in 1918 as the Scientific Apparatus Makers Association (SAMA). 

Who does the Optical Imaging Association represent?
The OPIA originally represented companies manufacturing and distributing microscopes in the U.S. Over the years advances in technology and a changing market have shifted the customer from a component to a systems oriented buyer. The OPIA seized this opportunity to expand its scope. It changed its name from the Opto-Precision Instruments Association to the Optical Imaging Association and updated its purpose. Its new charter is to represent companies that manufacture or distribute microscopes and/or products, components and peripherals for microscopy and the microscopy imaging market.

Categories include:

  • microscopes
  • electronic imaging/video devices
  • confocal imaging and laser scanning systems
  • software for microscopy imaging
  • other material such as illuminators, filters, adapters, etc.

To achieve this, it has established three new sections:

  • Electronic Imaging Detector Manufacturers
  • Imaging and Automation Manufacturers
  • Micromanipulator Manufacturer

How can you benefit from joining the OPIA?
The unique value of an industry group like OPIA is that it is a legal forum to accomplish things as a group that cannot be done on an individual company basis. Examples are:

Sales Statistics
The OPIA gathers industry data and produces three such reports:  

  • U.S. microscope sales
  • international microscope sales
  • electronic imaging detector sales

The OPIA is committed to continuing its leadership role and expanding its representation throughout the marketplace.

It will continue to recruit new members and create sections to fill the members' needs.

The OPIA is a member of the Optics and Electro-Optics Standards Council (OEOSC). OEOSC is the U.S. Technical Advisory Committee (TAG) to the ISO Technical Committee 172, "Optics and Optical Instruments," and is accredited by ANSI to manage the U.S. TAG. OPIA's participation in OEOSC gives all of the member companies an official voice in ANSI and ISO standards making in the optical area.

Another benefit that an association has is the ability to represent the group before Federal and state governments and their agencies. OPIA has a history of representing its members when government agencies have developed policies that have an adverse impact on the group.

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