LPA Spring Meeting

May 6-7, 2014

Radisson Blu Warwick Hotel

Philadelphia, PA

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Meeting Schedule

Tuesday, May 6
8:00-9:00am       -  Continental Breakfast
9:00-9:15            -  Welcome & Introductions          
9:15-10:45          -  Opportunities & Growth - Economic, Political, and Tech Trends That Will Affect Your Business Tomorrow,
                               Gene Marks
10:45-11:00        -  Morning Break
11:00-11:45        -  2014 Laboratory Purchasing Trends & E-Commerce Report, KC Warawa, KC & Associates
11:45-1200         -  Nina Dudnik, Seeding Labs
12:00-1:30pm     -  Networking Lunch
1:30-3:00            -  In the Race for Sales- What Marketing Strategies, Tactics and Media will Give you the Traction Needed
                               to Win?,
Mac McIntosh
3:00-3:15            -  Afternoon Break
3:15-4:00            -  Mid-Year Market Report, Christie Bird, Frost & Sullivan
5:00-6:45            -  Reception/Dinner
7:00-11:00          -  Optional Phillies baseball game at Citizens Bank Park

Wednesday, May 7
7:30-8:30am       -  Continental Breakfast
8:30-10:00          -  Transforming the Workplace through Neuroscience, J.W. Wilson
10:00-11:00        -  Attitude, Commitment and Class: A Winning Philosophy and Formula for Success, Jim Larranaga
11:00                   -  Meeting Adjourns

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Small business owner, columnist, author, and CPA, Gene Marks, will present and discuss:
Opportunities and Growth: Economic, Political, and Tech Trends That Will Affect Your Business Tomorrow

  • How will health care reform affect your company and employees? Gene will explain what you need to know. What changes will be coming over the next few years? And what you need to do now to prepare.
  • Which economic metrics are most important for you to watch?  Gene will explain why this index and other metrics are important to keep a close eye on.
  • What actions by the Federal Reserve could cause higher inflation and interest rates in the months ahead? What are some ways your business can take advantage and profit from inflation and higher rates?
  • Why every business needs a mobile website and mobile strategy. Heard of DudaMobile? Gene will teach you how to operate your business from your mobile device. Send invoices and get paid all from your mobile device.
  • CRM or Customer Relationship Management. Another huge emerging trend, to stay close with your customers. Zoho, Insightly, GoldMine — all CRM companies that can help your business make more money.
  • Did you know there was a 50% increase in sales of small businesses this year? Have you ever thought of selling your business and retiring to Hawaii? Gene Marks can explain how you can increase the value of your company and get it ready to be sold.
  • Does your company do business internationally? Which countries are expected to grow in the next 5–10 years? Gene knows and will explain where the opportunities are internationally and how certain future technologies will impact your business.

Gene Marks Bio
Gene Marks is a columnist, author, and small business owner.  Gene writes daily for The New York Times and weekly for Forbes, The Huffington Post, Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur.com, FOX Business, and Philadelphia Magazine. Gene has written 5 books on business management, specifically geared towards small and medium sized companies. His most recent is “The Manufacturer’s Book of Lists” (Create Space, 2013).

Gene appears on MSNBC, FOX News, FOX Business, Bloomberg, and CNBC discussing matters affecting the business community. Through his keynotes and breakout sessions, Gene helps business owners, executives and managers understand the political, economic and technological trends that will affect their companies so they can make profitable decisions.

Just before lunch, K.C. Warawa of K.C. Warawa & Associates, will present the 2014 Laboratory Purchasing Trends & E-Commerce Report.

Following lunch, Mac McIntosh, B2B marketing speaker, marketing and sales consultant, will present In the Race for Sales, What Marketing Strategies, Tactics and Media will Give you the Traction Needed to Win? Mac is one of America's leading sales and marketing consultants and speakers, and an expert on sales leads. With more than 20 years of advertising, marketing and sales experience, Mac's presentation will help you figure out how to get the marketing for sales job done within the constraints of your too small budget and too few resources. For example:

  • Research shows that more than half of the buying process now happens before prospects identify themselves.  Learn how you should market differently to turn this threat into an opportunity. (Hint: Help your customers buy instead to trying to sell them into it!)   
  • You keep hearing about content marketing, marketing automation, social media, big data and other marketing strategies, tactics and media. Learn which you should adopt and why, and which to worry about later or not at all.
  • Learn how to use marketing to move you prospects from unfamiliarity to awareness, to inquiry and consideration, to purchase of your products. (Hint: Marketing does the one-to-many that feels like one-to-one. Sales does the heavy lifting; the actual one-to-one work.)
  • Looking for continuous improvement in your marketing, and to justify your investments? Learn how to track your marketing activity, results and ROI, whether you sell direct or through distribution.

Christie Bird of Frost & Sullivan will present the Mid-year Market Report.

The day concludes with a networking reception and dinner,
as well as an optional outing to a
Philadelphia Phillies vs. Toronto Blue Jays baseball game.

Register soon - space is limited!

JW Wilson, the Executive Director of The Advanced Learning Institute, an organization which researches, develops and implements scientific-based learning and behavioral change programs, will present Transforming the Workplace through Neuroscience. "Breaking the learning code" is a concept J.W. Wilson has taught many Fortune 500 companies, such as IBM, John Deere, and AT&T. The ground breaking Learning Code research is now being used by organizations such as the country's largest employer organization, and the group that does leadership training for NASA, the Defense Department and the United Nations.

JW Wilson is also the author of the upcoming book "Cracking the Learning Code." He will show you how to use neuroscience to transform your work environment so individuals are more co-operative, innovative, and productive. "Cracking the Learning Code" is the culmination of over twenty-five years of scientific research into the basis for how to accelerate the speed of learning and the rate of behavioral change. Learn how to use the latest scientific research to create a dynamic, stress-free environment in which you and your company can thrive and grow.

Jim Larranaga, will close with his inspirational presentation, Attitude, Commitment and Class: A Winning Philosophy and Formula for Success. You can’t always predict external factors, but you can control your own behavior and attitude, Larranaga tells audiences. He shares the formula that has made him successful at both the University of Miami and George Mason University’s, one that helped him transform relatively unknown teams into some of sports’ greatest success stories. An educator first, Larranaga uses real-life examples from tough calls he has made on and off the courts to prepare his athletes for the game of life.

Audiences will leave inspired, entertained and energized as they learn:
- How to transform challenges into motivational opportunities
- How individual attitudes can transform outcomes
- How lessons learned on the court translate to other aspects of life, including professional careers and family life

The Radisson Blu Warwick Hotel has undergone major renovations,  transforming it in to a beautiful modern hotel in the midst of historic Rittenhouse Square. Room rates are $219 single/double occupancy.

Direct Link to reserve your room today.

220 S 17th St, Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phone:(215) 735-6000 or (800) 967-9033 and mention the LPA Spring Meeting.

Area attractions include Rittenhouse Square Park, the Mütter Museum, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Barnes Foundation, and the Franklin Institute, among many restaurants and shops!

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