LPA Spring Meeting
The 2015 LPA Spring Meeting was held May 5-6 at the Radisson Blu Warwick Hotel in Center City Philadelphia, PA. Geared for upper- and mid-level management, the Spring Meeting presented market data, professional development, and the opportunity to network with your colleagues. Over the course of a couple days, LPA Members learned specific take-aways for their company and were able to network with other members during presentations and meals. In addition, this year's optional outing to Lucky Strike Lanes- an upscale bowling alley in the heart of Philadelphia-was a well-attended great time!


Keynote speakers included:

Astronaut Robert Curbeam
Risk Management in Flying and Business - Developing and Delivering Sustainable, Premium Customer Experiences.

Robert Curbeam presented techniques for risk management and dealing with business decisions. Among them were:
•       Learning the craft.
•       “Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst”.
•       Avoiding idea inertia.
•       Remaining calm.

Bob Wendover
COMMON SENSE BY FRIDAY: Establishing a Decision Making Culture in Your Menu-Driven Workplace
How much do today’s technology-dependent staffers cost you in time and profits? Bob showed members how to turn their menu-driven thinkers into productive problem solvers:

- Explode the myth of multi-tasking.
- Establish a culture of critical thinking among technology-dependent employees.
- Reduce the “parade” in your office by instilling the five C’s of problem solving  in your people.
- Inspire better decision making through “after action” sessions.
- Keep your people focused on making reasoned choices.
- How one store owner retains his young people three times longer than the industry average.
- Use “alley rallies” to improve decision-making and reduce costs.
- Build instructional videos that save thousands of hours every year and add to the bottom line.
- Why “think-alouds” may be the best supervision strategy you implement all year.
- Battle safe decision syndrome and foster calculated risk-taking.

Robyn Benincasa
Inspirational World Champion Adventure Racer, Firefighter and Founder of the Project Athena Foundation, CNN Hero for 2014

Through her 8 Essential Elements of Human Synergy keynote, Eco-Challenge Adventure Racing World Champion and San Diego Firefighter, Robyn Benincasa explained why human synergy, as she calls it, is so important. "If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together".  The stories and videos that Robyn shared from the most epic, entertaining and meaningful moments in the sport of Adventure Racing left members with a deep understanding that with true Human Synergy you can go farther AND faster in pursuit of your goals!

The 8 Essential Elements of Human Synergy:

•Total commitment
•Empathy and Awareness
•Adversity Management
•Mutual Respect
•'We' Thinking
•Ownership of the Project
•Relinquishment of Ego
•Kinetic Leadership

Jerry Rackley, Chief Analyst at Demand Metric, presented on the value of using Demand Metric. Don't know your password? Only primary and alternate receive a username and password to access 100+ templates and more. If you're not sure, please send Angie an email and we'll find out who your contact is.

Christi Bird, of Frost & Sullivan, presented the 2015 Mid-year Report: Forecast and Analysis of the Global Market for Laboratory Products.

K.C. Warawa, of K.C. & Associates, presented the 2015 Laboratory Purchasing Trends Survey and a new website survey.

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